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7 tips to make your facebook fanpage visible

Brands and businesses are moving away from traditional websites, and placing more and more emphasis on their Facebook pages. This is great from a customer service and interaction standpoint, but certainly muddies the waters from an SEO perspective.

The Four-Letter words in Entrepreneurship

Cash – the four-letter word to focus on I love this writeup over at the Star Online’s saturday column written By TAN THIAM HOCK. You can Email him at: On Your Own AS with all successful entrepreneurs, I think I possess great timing when it comes to starting a new business. When I started

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Are you putting a Little Facebook in Everything You Do?

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said it all…. “Social by Design” “Social by design” was her fundamental takeaway for marketers, echoing what’s fast becoming the pre-eminent marketing catch phrase of 2011, and standing for a strategy in which the glue that holds together marketing plan is designing all elements to amplify or be amplified

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Learning something about DropBox

Dropbox is a great example of a tech company that did not go under during the recession because it kept its focus and its expenses down.  With a great product already developed, they looked for ways to improve on it.  And then using the very users who like them, they expanded their user base and

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