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Where to do your Domaining Research?

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Continue from where we left off the last time I wrote about DOMAINING, here is something extra for you iro making money from domaining. Before we make a buy on a particular domain name, it is good to conduct a research first, especially for criterias such as:

age of the domain

pagerank (if any)



But then, if I would to tell you to do this and that in order to get at the required information, it would take lots of time and effort. Even if you are prepared to do the research, by the time you are satisfied with the domain, it may no longer be available!

Speed is the essence when researching the domain information.

I would recommend three sites which can assist you along with the research, and they are free:


Get a free account and access to the real time information about the available expired domains. You should be able to get the price, traffic, PageRank, age, number of bidders and many others. You can even manage those information as you wish in a spreadsheet style report.


This site is used mainly for finding keyword-rich domains. It has quite a number of useful domain tools where you can research about new and aged domains, all done within the site. Just enter your keywords, the site would churn out a list of domain names available for you.


A dedicated website to research aged domains. Click on the search button to start checking on the targeted domain name or keywords – you should be able to get the list of domain names including details of minimum and maximum bid. It is free!

Domaining is just so simple – buy sell good domain names and then sell them for a small return! But then who is stopping you from making more, you just need to put in a little bit more effort in other areas. Follow me by signing into my Opt in sidebar on the right-hand side. I promised you a constant supply of newsletter covering internet marketing.

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