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Checking Sites with Google Search

Do you know about special searches that you can make in Google that gives you insight on how Google views your site? Try entering the following commands into the Google search box with your website URL:

1. – This will show you all the pages Google has indexed on your site. There are a few variations of this special search:

  • – This will show you the pages indexed in the subdirectory products
  • This will show you the pages indexed in the subdomain
  • (notice the space before the –site) This will show you all the pages indexed in minus the pages indexed in the products subdirectory.
  • – This will show you all the pages indexed in minus the pages indexed in the subdomain

2. This will show you all the sites linking to your site. Here are some variations of this search:

  • Show sites with links to a specific page on your site
  • Show sites with links to a subdirectory on your site
  • Show sites with links to a subdomain on your site

3. This will show you the cached version of your page that is seen when someone clicks the Cached link under your site info in a Google search. At the top of this page Google will tell you when it cached this page as well include a link the text only version of this page. Clicking this link will show you the text only version which is how the Google crawler (Googlebot) sees your page.

4. This will show a list of sites that Google has determined is similar to yours. They use an unknown magic spell to make this decision but do state that the quality of similar sites does not impact your ranking or how your site is indexed.

Wondering why did I promote feedjit...

You can use these searches to keep track of how Google is indexing yoursite. The site: command shows the total number of pages indexed at the top of the page. You should check this periodically to make sure the number is growing as you add more content and especially that it is not decreasing which indicates a problem.

With the link: command, you can also track the total number at the top to see if more sites are linking to your site. You can see when you create new content, how quickly others link to it by watching the overall number grow for that particular subdirectory or page. And lastly, you can use this command to view some of the top entries to see what others are saying about your site.

Special thanks to:
Mark Maunder
Feedjit Founder & CEO

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