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Some Predictions for 2011

We picked up a video from Network Marketing Pro, thought this would be some help to us moving forward in 2011…


To summarise here….

  • Unemployment worldwide going up
  • Sharemarket – a lot of companies trying to benefit from staff retrenchment exercises – it is a norm for the purpose of puffing up their bottomline. with increased in profits, stockmarket is going to go up but this is unlikely to be sustainable
  • Consumers are focusing towards a DEBT-FREE position – nobody is going to envy those having a big house and big car because these big-ticket items usually create debts for the owner and yet unable to dispose them without having have to make some losses…. Instead of the stuff, people are focusing on family, debt-free and happiness….
  • Network marketing – more people would be stepping into the network marketing arena in a much bigger way, especially when people have already been learning internet marketing stuff for the last one to two years….

  • Do you agree with the above prediction?


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