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20 KPIs you should monitor in Google Analytics

A Key Performance Indicator or KPI refers to a set of measurements reflecting the performance or success of an organization in terms of progress of its goals. In this article we present the most important website KPIs from online marketing perspective and we discuss how to monitor them in Google Analytics.
Most online marketing professionals, SEO engineers and webmasters have in their daily routine the monitoring, reporting and data analyzing tasks followed by decision making regarding the optimization of the performance of their websites. Within web metrics, charts and pivots lots of information can be found unveiling new ways to optimize their strategy.
Nevertheless all these numbers, metrics and statistics can be confusing. Which ratios should be taken into account during the above analysis? Which are the most important stats? Many of these questions will be answered shortly since in the following lines we will discuss the importance of website goals and we will list the most important KPIs that are used to measure the defined targets.

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