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Are you putting a Little Facebook in Everything You Do?

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said it all…. “Social by Design”

“Social by design” was her fundamental takeaway for marketers, echoing what’s fast becoming the pre-eminent marketing catch phrase of 2011, and standing for a strategy in which the glue that holds together marketing plan is designing all elements to amplify or be amplified by social media. And while the phrase sounds suitably unbranded for a general-session presentation, the reality is that given the position of Ms. Sandberg’s company as the by-far dominant social medium, her notion translates readily into “Facebook by design.”

A case in point is a Hong Kong-based “social by design” campaign for Kimberly-Clark Corp.’s Huggies got people to upload their baby photos to the brand’s fan page, then placed those photos in montages on bus and subway ads.
The result, Ms. Sandberg said, was a 4.2% increase in market share and “by far the best quarter in Huggies’ Hong Kong history.
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