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Improving Your Email Marketing Program By Leveraging The Sales Personnel

The marketing department is responsible for growing the email lists, acquiring more data about recipients with follow-up actions, generating and nurturing leads and gathering demographic and behavioral data to optimize the relevance of their marketing dialogues. The marketing department needs to evolve in order to provide the company with the much needed options to better conduct business.

However, not only the marketing department has to evolve. The sales department must also do this, certainly now that people buy more and sellers sell less: the famous shift from selling to buying in an online world.

Sales people expect qualified leads from marketers but marketers can also expect more from sales, it goes in two directions.

In email marketing for example sales reps are immensely valuable. Most ways in which they can contribute are known: asking to subscribe to the email program with every (new) client contact, collecting opt-ins at exhibitions and networking events along with business cards, you name it.

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